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    Arcane Tinmen 

3/18/2020:  Due to the current situation surrounding the coronavirus, Arcane Tinmen moving up their street date for our Mother's Day and Father's Day Matte Art Sleeves as well as the gorgeous matching playmats. The new street date will be March 27. 
SKUs: AT-12048, AT-22548, AT-12049, AT-22549




The health and well-being of our gaming community, including players, judges, stores and organizers, is of paramount importance to us. After discussions with event organizers and review of the advice provided by national health authorities, as well as the World Health Organization guidance, all Dragon Ball Super Card Game organized play events though May 31st, 2020, throughout the distributed territories have been postponed or canceled. This includes all Regional Championship, Store Championship and store events. Reporting requirements will be relaxed for stores during this period. Promotional materials will continue to be supplied to organized play stores for distribution to players with purchases. While stores are independent of Bandai, organizers of these events should act in the best interest of their community and be mindful of the safety of players.


We appreciate their ongoing support. Draft Box 05 Release | To prioritize stopping the spread of coronavirus within communities and to promote best practices in friendly local game stores, please note the following important points in regards to the Draft Box 05 release.


  • Stores are permitted to sell this release as soon as they receive it in store. Distributors are currently shipping these products out to stores and stores may sell as soon as it is received. Players should check with stores to confirm availability prior to visiting.


  • Draft Box tournaments are no longer required to be held in store. Stores are permitted to supply promotional material to players with a purchase of associated product to enable them to enjoy the events in the safety of their own residences. We ask that stores carefully manage their stocks to enable as many players as possible to obtain access to these promotional materials. Stores will not be required to report these events.


  • As a thank you to local game stores for all of your support, and in recognition of your feedback, we are announcing a reprint run of Draft Box 5. Players should place orders with stores asap if they wish to secure displays. Do not delay! Stores must place their order with their distributor as soon as possible to be guaranteed stock allocation.


3/19/2020:  Update from Bandai regarding DBS: Draft Box 05: 

This is now "Releasable Upon Receipt" to retailers. 




3/20/2020:  As you may have already come across in the news, Malaysia is currently under a 2-week lockdown until 31st March due to Covid-19. This has unfortunately affected our production and shipping functions. As we are unable to confirm if the lockdown will end or continue on 31st March, we regret to inform you that the shipping and release date of the following products will be delayed until further notice. 


Cardfight!! Vanguard: 

  • VGE-V-SS02 - Colorful Pastorale Supply Gift Set   

(Original release date: 10 April) 


Future Card Buddyfight: 

  • BFE-S-UB05 - Buddy Again Vol. 2 ~ Super Buddy Wars EX ~   

(Original release date: 1 May) 


Weiß Schwarz: 

  • WSE TD+ & BP FJM - Fujimi Fantasia Bunko   

(Original release date: 1 May) 


We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and we will update you with the release and shipping dates as soon as we have the confirmed information. 


3/19/2020:  Update from Bushiroad on the Sneak Preview event for VGEVEB13 & VGEVEB13SP scheduled for 03/27 - 03/29: 

The store owners can either hold the event (stores discretion) or sell the packs in the SP kit, but the PR items need to be dispersed as promotional items and not sold. 


3/19/2020:  Update from Bushiroad regarding in-store events: 

In addition to the previous email, we will also be implementing the following due to the evolving situation of Covid-19 for the safety and health of our players. 

Cancellation of Shop Tournament 

  • April Shop Tournaments (March 30 to May 3)  
  • May Shop Tournaments (May 4 to May 31)  


PR items which were planned for these tournaments will be given out during Shop Tournaments in the subsequent months. 



3/18/2020:  Duel Overloard Yu-Gi-Oh is NOW release upon receipt. 

3/18/2020:  As of today all US operations is still on track and YGO Secret Slayers is slated to release on 4/3/2020.

As of right now there is no intent to delay any release dates in any of the Americas.  

Below is our upcoming release schedule for the next couple of months: 

Duel Overload                                   3/20/20 

Secret Slayers                                   4/3/20 

SD Mechanized Madness                     4/17/20 

Eternity Code                                     5/1/20 

Speed Duel Starter Decks                   5/15/20 

Toon Chaos                                       6/19/20                                 

 We will maintain these release dates as long as our distribution partners are not disrupted. 



3/18/2020:  Taking into account the cancellation of all Play! Pokémon events until May 14th, eligible retailers will be allowed to sell Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield—Rebel Clash Build & Battle boxes to players starting April 18th without requiring Prerelease tournament event attendance.   

Consumers can purchase their Build & Battle box at any qualified Play! Pokémon retail location, without remaining onsite for an event. 

We hope this allows players to enjoy the excitement of the Sword & Shield—Rebel Clash Prerelease tournament at home.  

We recommend all retailers distribute three “participation boosters” to each player purchasing a Build & Battle box during the usual Prerelease tournament time from April 18th to 26th. 



3/18/2020 WizKids has announced Unpainted Wave 11 is releasable upon receipt. 

In light of recent developments and concerns regarding COVID-19, for the upcoming release of Unpainted Wave 11, WizKids is announcing that this release can be shipped/sold to stores upon receipt to your warehouses.   




 Wizards of the Coast


Click here to read the full article.


3/11/2020: Accommodation for Health Uncertainties, Ikoria Prerelease and Beyond

Click here to read the full article.


Gaming Shows & Conventions:



Sports & Entertainment Manufacturers:


4/2/2020: Announced product delays.

 Panini America

4/3/2020: "As of Thursday, April 2, the facility that manufacturers and ships Panini trading card was closed by an executive shelter-in-place order from Texas Governor Greg Abbot. Due to its indefinite closure, Panini will no longer be able to ship products at this time." Click here to see full statement.

Directory of Sports Card Shops Offering Online Selling, Breaking During COVID-19

4/2/2020: Sports Collectors Daily is providing a free directory listing of shops who have been forced to close but still have an online selling presence. To be added to this directory, please email your information to 

Leaf Trading Cards

3/25/2020: From Leaf CEO Brian Gray - As of today, Leaf has been "shut down" for a "Stay in Shelter" order by Denton County effective now though April 3rd. While we hope and pray this is a realistic date for our return, we are approaching this expectation with great skepticism. While some staff members are working from home, we are truly at a skeleton staffed point. Additionally, we have extremely limited access to certain types of information.

Below is a list of status of certain needs you may have:

Customer Service: We are unable to handle calls during this period. Additionally, you may email Delays should be expected and we ask for your patience. (ON A POSITIVE NOTE, WANDER FRANCO returned his Metal and Ultimate cards for which redemption cards were issued. We are not able to get these out before the shutdown but will immediately get these out once our offices have been cleared for our return by the County).

Accounting: Payable and receivable issues should be addressed to No one else within the organization will have access to this information.

Supplies Manufacturer Updates



From BCW: BCW Supplies is based in Indiana, and our governor has enforced a “stay at home” executive order during the Coronavirus outbreak. The BCW Shipping Department will be working through Tuesday, 3/24/20. Consumer orders placed on our website before 3pm EST on 3/24/20 are expected to leave our warehouse. After that, BCW products will not be shipping until we’re cleared to return to work, which is currently planned to be 4/7/20. During this closure, most of our Customer Service Team will be working from home to answer any BCW order questions (8am - 5pm EST). Thank you for your understanding as we work together to overcome this health crisis.

Third Party Grading/Authentication Service Provider Updates


Baseball Card Exchange is temporarily suspending authentication of unopened product until further notice amidst forced closure.

PSA/DNA - California office is closed until further notice and suspending processing of submissions of ANY kind.

Beckett Grading & Authentication - Dallas office will be closed until further notice and suspending processing of submissions of ANY kind.


Leaf Trading Cards

3/23/2020: (From Leaf CEO Brian Gray) For the safety of our staff and communities, Leaf is currently running its offices with a minimal staffing level. While neither our county nor state has closed business for our company on a mandatory basis, we feel obligated to minimize our presence in light of recent events. With this skeleton staff, there may be delays in customer service, order shipments or response times. I would only ask for your patience as we work through these short staff delays.

For this reason, we will NOT be shipping Flash Baseball or Best of Sports as planned over the next two weeks. Too many stores and businesses nationwide are closed or considering closure for us to responsibly ship these items as scheduled.

 We shipped 2020 Metal Football last week for release Thursday, March 26th. No additional product will ship until sometime in the future (hopefully April) when we feel releasing these products would be more wise. 

Upper Deck

3/23/2020: Important update from Upper Deck's Customer Care team. Given the governor of California's order during the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, Upper Deck's corporate offices in Carlsbad are now closed & staff are working remotely. We will not be able to answer phone calls, but we will be able to assist through email, Facebook and Twitter.


    Panini America 

3/18/2020: An email was sent to its brick-and-mortar dealers on Wednesday, giving them notice that it's allowing them to relax their online-selling policy for the next 45 days. They are now being allowed to sell newly released Panini products online so they can reach a wider audience beyond their shop's typical clientele. 


Sports & Entertainment Shows and Conventions:



Small Business Resources:


 SBA        SBA.Gov coronavirus resource page


        IRS coronavirus tax relief page


    HUD coronavirus Response Page


  U.S. Department of Labor coronavirus Resource page


   U.S. Chamber of Commerce combating the coronavirus page


Here are two additional links that also include state-level support. DISCLAIMER: We are not vouching for nor have we verified the contents and accuracy of the information, so please utilize at your own discretion.



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